Exclusive to Millennium Residents...

1-HR Off-Leash Daily Play Date

Pets Downtown is proud to announce that this summer and fall, your dog can participate in a daily 1-hr off-leash play date for residents of Millennium Rainey Street. The program will be the first of its kind, and affords urban dogs the appropriate physical, mental, and social stimulation they require to be healthy and happy. If you are a resident of Millennium Rainey and would like to participate in a free 2-day trial,  please complete the application by clicking here




How we're different. 

Now YOU have the power to book dog walks and pet services at your convenience. Simply use our new integrated booking software, choose an appointment slot, and you'll be guaranteed a dog walk or pet service in just seconds. It's as easy as ordering a pizza, and your pet is going to get the love and attention it needs to be happy and healthy.  Why waste hours, and often days, going back and forth with a walker when you can guarantee a confirmed service in just seconds? 


Pets Downtown is Austin's only pet care provider that specializes in servicing residents and pets of downtown apartments and condos. By servicing only downtown residents, we are able to offer you the lowest dog walking and pet sitting rates. Why? All other pet service providers spend a great deal of time and money driving across the whole city, and raise their prices to compensate for those costs. We are able eliminate those costs completely so that you're able to save money.

We know you love your pets, but life gets busy. Whether you're a full-time employee who can't take your dog out during a lunch break, or you're spending the day out of town, we are here to make sure your pets get the love and attention they need. 

Downtown Hotels

At Pets Downtown, we make sure visitors to Austin are able to fully experience everything the city has to offer. Hotels require that somebody must remain with in-room pets at all times, which can put guests in a frustrating situation.

We contract with downtown hotels to take care of  pets while visitors explore the city.  Dog walks and in-room pet sitting is provided Find out more here


QUICKIE $14 (Most popular)

  • A potty- break doggy dream.

  • 15-minute walk to let your dog stretch and take care of business.

  • Fresh water change.

  • Daily photo updates upon request.

Spoiled $21

  • A jaunt made for royalty.

  • 30 minutes of walking, playing, (and of course, peeing).

  • Fresh water change.

  • Daily photo updates upon request.

  • Doggy treat included.


  • An in-home sleepover so your pet can sleep stay it's most comfortable

  • 8pm-8am, night walk + morning walk.

  • Daily photo updates upon request.

LION ($19)

  • 30-minutes of endless paw-sibilities. 

  • Daily photo updates upon request. 


  • A 15-minute visit to pet the kitty.

  • Daily photo updates upon request.